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5 Best Minimalist PC Cases for Gamers

Minimalist PC Cases for Gamers

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Gone are the days where PC cases were at best a simple choice between similar-looking towers, with the only concern being having enough slots to hold CD/DVD Drives.

Cases went so unnoticed on a PC that I recall surviving a semester in university without the side of my tower giving me an intimate outlook on how the dust collected inside the PC in between WOW raids.

Now with all that sophisticated hardware needed to operate Chrome smoothly, and the rising game performance requirements, you need a case that delivers optimal airflow and cooling to keep the components working smoothly and looking clean and minimalist. 

Important characteristics like good cable management, and a decent PSU Shroud would streamline the effort needed to build your PC as you avoid nuisances like finding the right size case to fit the motherboard or graphics card you have your eye on.  

We will break down the details of the top 5 minimalist PC cases for gamers. With a mix of best sellers and top-rated PC towers, as well as the main specs and features of the cases while keeping gaming in mind and sleek designs that would look amazing on your desktop. 

Thermaltake Core P3 Tempered Glass Edition ATX Open Frame Chassis

Thermaltake Core P3 Tempered Glass Edition ATX Open Frame Chassis

Looking sleek and minimalistic, with the unique selling point of having the possibility to be wall-mounted. The new Core P3 supports the latest PC hardware on the market with the flexibility to cool it either via AIO (All in one) or DIY methods. 

While it could take some time to set up, users agreed it was worth the effort in the end and through the 5mm durable tempered glass panel you can see the end result of your PC-building skills. 

The only shortcomings are the lack of a PSU shroud and minor cabling issues (and obviously the sheer weight of the thing) but the feather-light price tag more than makes up for that. 

Lian Li Case PC Dynamic Case Tempered Glass Window

Lian Li Case PC Dynamic Case Tempered Glass Window

With Razer being one of the most identifiable and high-quality brands for gamers, the Razer Synapse 3 is a behemoth of a case that would provide ample room for cabling and components including the popular micro ATX motherboards. 

As it was built with liquid cooling in mind some complained that putting more than 3 fans could make it a little on the loud side. With the minor noise issue and the price tag aside the vast majority of the reviews called perfection and who can blame them with this gorgeous case setup? 

Be Quiet! BG022 Pure Base 600 Case

Be Quiet! BG022 Pure Base 600 Case

Keeping up with its namesake Be Quiet BG022 is a great case with enough room to wire in most motherboards and graphics cards.

Inevitably the silence comes at a price of effective cooling ventilation potentially making the case hot and that in turn takes away from the performance benchmarks that the gamers of today are so fond of. This Be Quiet case also comes with a removable (not magnetic) dust filter. 

Some people who used the case complained that with the normal-sized ATX boards, there was some inconvenience in putting together some components. Bearing all that in mind the BG022 is a solid case that is ideal for those who value peace and quiet while gaming.  

CORSAIR 275R Airflow Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, Tempered Glass

CORSAIR 275R Airflow Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, Tempered Glass

In my eyes, the epitome of sound design is practicality and functionality mixed with great design and minimalistic aesthetics and with this case of beauty, you can get that effortlessly.

With thousands of users praising its futuristic looks (that come in Black and White) as well as practical design this case is one of the top-rated in this article. In the greater scheme of things, this case remains a mid-level ATX tower hence with the relatively low price, there will be some shortcomings. 

This full-sized, yet minimalist PC case has three removable dust filters, including one magnetic dust filter to keep your PC clean and running efficiently. 

For all of you, DVD lovers out there the tower doesn’t have the space for an inbuilt DVD drive. Some issues with the quality of the tempered glass and plastic components have arisen but remained a minor nuisance rather than a straight deal breaker.

But honestly, the looks alone make this case worth consideration and having been chosen by ‘Amazon Editors choice’ this makes it an excellent all-around choice for your gaming PC case. 

Antec ISK110 VESA Mini-ITX Case

Antec ISK110 VESA Mini-ITX Case

While not as exciting or sleek as other cases featured; it proudly carries the mantra of if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it quite well, design-wise at least: a classic design at low cost. Deceptively large on the inside, with decent noise reduction capabilities, and decent cooling options for its price the Vesa case is a bargain. 

However, some users pointed out that the tower can have some issues with heat dissipation (due to fewer holes) and some critique the PSU shroud space and flimsier buttons and cheaper feeling plastic components, thus lowering the overall benefits of this top-rated case.

With all that being said Antec’s case is great for veteran and beginner PC builders alike that aren’t into shallow looks but want something that gets the job done. 

Closing Comments – Best Minimalist PC Case

Though the vast majority of the buyers/reviewers of the cases had positive feedback about them but the negative ones focused on how the PC hardware components didn’t quite fit or needed a different layout to get it right. 

So our advice is if you like a case check the user comments in greater detail for which cards and motherboards worked best/worst so as to avoid buyer’s remorse or having to return items back and forth. 

We hope you found this article helpful if you did have a read through some of our other PC case articles. Happy building gamers! 


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