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5 Best Water Cooling Kits [2023 Refresh]

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When making a custom pc, we often overlook the importance of a decent cooling system. Many of us are reluctant to budget any cash for a cooling kit and cling to the built-in cooling that comes with the PC casing or just cheap air cooling fans. This results in a drop in performance that negates all our efforts and investments in creating a powerful computer. 

So whether you are building a gaming rig or a workhorse for extensive video rendering or processor-intensive tasks, or just general PC building, investing in a good water cooling kit is highly recommended. In this article, we will go over five budget water cooling kits to help you maximize the performance of your computer. 

Important Note: Please do not drink the water included in the water coolers, they do not contain drinking water!

Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus

Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus

The first entry on our list is the tried and tested Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus, which is an efficient liquid cooling kit compatible with all water-cooled systems. This kit is mainly compatible with both intel and AMD systems and is made out of a full copper base, anti-corrosive nickel plating with no-tools installation. You can expect top-notch performance with super-fast cooling with hardly any noise. 

This cooler is an all-in-one water cooling kit (or AIO cooler) meaning it has both fans and water cooling. The water cooling kit includes c1000 pure clear coolant when shipped.

M360 Plus also comes with a 300 mL reservoir and a pump with a pressure of 99 PSI with a discharge rate of 1135 L/hr, which ensures optimum cooling. This cooler also has RGB fans and RBG lighting, which you can control with the AI Voice controller synchronizing it with the TT RGB PLUS Software.

And finally, you will also get a 500mm long V-Tubler PETG hard Tube in this kit, which runs exactly the way you want for efficient tube routing. So if you are looking for a cheaper water cooling kit with low noise and from a reputed brand, you will have a hard time finding a better deal than Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus.

Corsair Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB PRO

water cooling kit

Corsair Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i is another great water cooling option that is reasonably affordable that comes with almost everything you need to build your own custom loop. This unit features a 360mm radiator and is compatible with larger cases that have three exhaust fans for fast cooling. 

The thick radiator is made of copper with medium density fins, making it highly efficient at heat dissipation and also keeping the noise level down. 

We also love the build quality of the kits; it’s mostly metal and should be more durable than their plastic counterparts. Installation is also relatively easy, and you do not need prior experience to fit the kits on your cool water pc; just watching a how-to video will be more than enough.

However, one issue we faced in our review unit was that it did not have a heat gun included in the box. It will be impossible to bend the tube without it, but there are several other aftermarket heat guns that you can pick at a reasonable price. Thankfully bending jig and everything else needed to cut the tubing are included in the kit. 

Overall, considering everything, we think the Corsair Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i offers excellent performance at an affordable price. It also has one of the best ratings on Amazon, and with simple installation and several helpful how-to videos, this is an easy recommendation.

As a cherry on top, Corsair also comes with a three years warranty on pumps and radiators. Corsair also offers a limited two-year warranty on the coolant, tubing, and fittings and has a good return policy and exchange programs for you to easily upgrade to a better model when it’s time for an upgrade. 

EKWB EK-Quantum Power P360 Water Cooling Kit

EKWB EK-Quantum Power P360 Water Cooling Kit

If you are looking for something premium, the EKWB EK-Quantum Power P360 is a great option. It offers a beautiful design, excellent build quality and superior performance. It also features a nickel-plated plexiglass CPU water block and one of the biggest copper radiators we have seen in any Water Cooling Kit. 

To support this beefy radiator, EKWB EK-Quantum bundle in a double stack of copper fins for maximum surface area and improved performance. This ensures substantial thermal conductivity and heat decapitation that is simply not possible by other water cooling kits at this price point. However, because of the size, there are some clearance issues in congested cases, so if you have a compact case, you have to find a better alternative.  

The EKWB’s fans were silent but compared with Corsair Hydro X; you can hear a very thin humming noise that is negligible. These fans have been designed specifically for use with high-density fin radiators and have a high static pressure to ensure maximum performance. 

It’s always nice to see a good pump and reservoir combination and the EKWB cooling kit delivers. It’s made of high-quality acrylic and equipped with brackets and anti-vibration mounts, it can be mounted virtually anywhere in your case. The RGB LEDs are installed in the base and illuminate your cooling system from below, giving it an aesthetic look even when working at maximum pressure. 

Considering everything, we give EKWB EK-Quantum Power P360 soft tubing Water Cooling Kit our highest recommendation.

Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Max D5

Water cool pc

For RGB lovers out there, the Thermaltake Pacific CL360 is a high-performance cooling system that comes equipped with the RGB Plus software, Razer Chroma, and Alexa’s voice assistant, which can be used to control every aspect of your cooling kit.

Everything featured in Thermaltake Pacific CL360 is well thought out and is specifically targeted to give you a synchronized experience with good performance and RGB lighting effects. Another good thing about the kit is its inclusion of a copper radiator along with the copper CPU water block. This ensures there is no galvanic corrosion and better thermal performance than aluminium. 

The Thermaltake Pacific CL360 comes with a copper heatsink that connects to your CPU and is made of high-temperature-resistant plastic.

Thermal paste is also included to help you connect the block to your CPU. Without the paste, the system will not work correctly. So, make sure to use it and remove any protective stickers or plastic from the heatsink. There are many instances of people forgetting to remove the sticker resulting in overheating and causing damage to the system. 

The Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Max D5 is a good option in general. This water cooling kit will make you want to stare at your beautiful computer all day with its vibrant RGB LEDs and overall excellent cooling capability.

While you are looking at your machine and admiring its beauty, also take notice of the pump; there were several reviews on Amazon where customers complained about the pump drying up due to leaking. It’s not a recurring thing, and it looks like Thermaltake has addressed the issues, but if you still do not want to take the risk, keep your warranty papers safe because you will be eligible for a replacement if this occurs to you. 



Our last entry on the list is the EKWB EK-KIT P240, perfect for people who want easy installation and do not want to spend a fortune on water cooling.

The water cooling kit comes equipped with a built-in 240mm radiator which can fit a wide range of cases, especially mini-ATX PC cases where a 360mm fan could be hard to mount. In fact, in our testing, EKWB EK-KIT P240 was one of the most accessible cooling kits to set up, and most enthusiasts will find it easy to install. The radiator’s low-profile design helps its cause and does not interfere with other components. 

It also uses high-density aluminium dual-fin design to provide excellent cooling capabilities, ensuring that your CPU remains cool even when under heavy load. The water cooling kit also comes with two high-static pressure radiator fans, which are functional, but the design looks unappealing and dated at times.

EKWB also includes a 140 Revo D5 PWM pump and reservoir combo, which is pleasantly quiet even at 100% load and provides a great deal of water flow to ensure your CPU stays cool. The reviews on Amazon are also great, with no specific issues that hinder user experience. 

Overall, EKWB EK-KIT P240 is uniquely positioned, and it does not try to reinvent the wheel. It has a clear focus on cooling performance, ease of use and price and had to make the sacrifice on looks which many users, including me, really appreciate. So if you are like me and value functionality, ease of installation and value for money over design, EKWB EK-KIT P240 will be the best water cooling kit for you. 

Conclusion – Best Water Cooling Kit for a gaming PC

We hope this article helped you find the best water cooling kit for your computer build. All these kits should keep your CPU temperatures low and help your gaming computer unleash its full potential. For more articles on water cooling and water, cooling fittings click here


Is water cooling even worth it?

Watercooling your PC can be a great option if you have a higher budget. Watercooling can provide a slight performance improvement over air cooling.

What liquid is best for water cooling?

Most water cooling kits come with a cooling liquid in the box. This should work great in your liquid cooler.


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