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What Can I Use instead of a Mouse Pad? [13 Alternatives]

What Can I Use Instead Of A Mouse Pad

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A mousepad is an essential piece of equipment for any gamer. It provides a smooth surface for your mouse to glide across and can help to improve your accuracy and speed. However, not everyone has a mousepad, and it can be expensive. So, what can I use instead of a mouse pad for gaming?

There are a few different options that you can use as a substitute for a mousepad. Keep in mind that whatever you use, it should be smooth and large enough to accommodate your mouse. 

It’s also a good idea to experiment with different materials to see what works best for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best substitutes for a mouse pad.

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What is a Mousepad?

substitute mouse pad

A mousepad is a small, portable mat placed on a surface to provide a smooth, consistent surface for a computer mouse to glide across. But why is this important?

The importance of a mousepad lies in its ability to provide a consistent and smooth surface for a computer mouse to track across. 

It helps improve the mouse pointer’s accuracy and precision, which can be critical in gaming or other applications where fine control is required. 

In addition, a good mousepad can help to protect the surface of a desk or table from wear and tear caused by the repeated movement of the mouse.

Alternative Things To Use As a Mousepad


When finding alternatives for a mouse pad, many people immediately think of bedsheets. After all, bedsheets are smooth and soft, making them ideal for protecting a mouse from scratches and scrapes.

Plus, bedsheets are large enough to easily accommodate a mouse and keyboard, making them an excellent option for those who want to save desk space. And if you’re worried about your bedsheet getting dirty, launder it periodically – easy peasy!

So if you’re looking for an alternative to a mouse pad, definitely consider using a bedsheet. Just make sure to choose one that’s smooth and soft so as not to damage your mouse.


Cardboard can be used as an alternative for a mouse pad, as it is smooth and flat. Plus, it is easy to cut to size and can be easily replaced if damaged. When choosing cardboard to use as a mouse pad, make sure to choose a smooth, flat piece that is the right size for your mouse and keyboard.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a mouse pad. It has been proven to be more effective than traditional mouse pads due to its superior grip and the ability to adjust itself according to the user’s needs.

Additionally, it’s incredibly affordable, making it a great option for those who are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to improve their gaming experience. With the help of duct tape, you can enjoy more accurate and precise mouse movements which will help you achieve better performance in games.

Hard Book or Notebook Covers

Many people don’t think about using a hardcover book or notebook cover as a mousepad substitute, but it can work really well. The main advantage of using a hard book or notebook cover is that it provides a stable surface for your mouse to move across. This can be helpful if you’re trying to do precise movements in a game or when working on something important.

The downside of using a hard book or notebook cover is that it could be less comfortable to use than an original mousepad. If you have sensitive wrists, the hard surface puts too much pressure on them. However, this is generally manageable since you can always take breaks as needed.

If you are okay with the slightly less comfort, this is worth considering as an alternative to buying a dedicated mousepad.

Non-glossy Clothes

A piece of non-glossy clothing, such as a cotton shirt, is another substitute mouse pad. This can provide a smooth surface for your mouse to move across while also being more comfortable than a hard book or notebook cover. However, you may need to experiment with different materials and thicknesses to find one that works well. Also, ensure that the fabric you choose does not snag or catch on your mouse’s cord.

Bonus Mousepad Alternatives:

Some other alternatives you can use as a mousepad are:

  • Silicone Surfaces
  • Wooden Desks
  • Wax Paper
  • Table Mats
  • Sheets or Paper
  • Leather Pad
  • Table Cloth
  • Make a Mouse Pad

Some alternatives you should avoid include:

  • Reflective Surfaces
  • Sticky Materials
  • Glossy Surfaces
  • Surfaces that could damage the mouse

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Mousepad Alternatives 

When choosing a mousepad alternative, here are a few things to consider:

  • Surface material: Different materials will have different levels of smoothness and friction, which can affect the accuracy and precision of your mouse movement. A hard book or notebook cover may be a good option if you need a stable surface for precise movements.
    However, a piece of non-glossy clothing may be better if you prefer a more comfortable surface. Additionally, ensure that the material you choose does not snag or catch on your mouse’s cord.
  • Size: Make sure your alternative is large enough to accommodate your mouse and hand movement.
  • Thickness: A thicker substitute mouse pad may provide a more comfortable and stable surface to work on, but it can also take up more space on your desk.
  • Reusability: Consider how many times you can use the alternative before it needs to be replaced. Duct tape, for example, may not be a durable option.
  • Price: Mousepad alternatives can range from a few dollars to over $100. Determine your budget and choose an alternative that fits your needs and price range.

Conclusion – What can I use instead of a mouse pad?

This article discussed some of the most popular and effective alternatives to a mouse pad, such as using a piece of cloth or paper. 

With these options, you can easily find something to use instead of a mouse pad that will provide the same level of accuracy and comfort when using your computer.

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Can you use a mouse without a mousepad?

While you can use a mouse without a mousepad, it is not recommended as you can damage your desk. A mousepad also helps when gaming to improve aim and precision.


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