Gaming For PC (GFPC)


Gaming peripherals are a must-have for building the best gaming setup. The links below will have in-depth, detailed articles on all the gaming peripherals you will need.


By using a controller while PC gaming you can get better aim, movement or control in some games. Most controllers are also cross-platform meaning they can be used on consoles or PCs.


A gaming headset will let you hear what is happening around you in a game. Higher quality headsets will sounder better than most cheap headsets and tend to look better too.


Having a gaming keyboard that looks nice and has a low ms response time can be extremely important in some games. Keyboards also have a big impact on the look and feel of a setup.

Microphones (Mics)

A high-quality gaming (or streaming) mic is a crucial part of a setup and can make your experience and others' experience a lot better.


A good gaming monitor should have a low response time and high quality display. More expensive monitors will have a higher refresh rate which is useful for gaming.

Mice (Mouse)

There are many different types of gaming mice. Ranging from the lightest mouse to the lowest response time mouse. Having the best gaming mouse can have a big impact on PC your gaming performance.

Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are a helpful part of every gaming setup. They can help by reducing the wear and tear of your mouse, using RGB to light up a setup and even changing the feel of a game.


Speakers are non-essential when it comes to gaming, however, lots of gamers prefer speakers over a headset as they produce louder and more clear sounds while gaming.


Webcams are great for social gaming and streaming your games. Having the right webcam can make a big difference in the quality of online communication.

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