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How To Remove An ASUS Monitor Stand [3 Easy Steps]

how to remove an asus monitor stand

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Are you wondering how to remove an Asus monitor stand? Before you can know how important it is to learn it. When moving, packing, or reassembling a monitor, be familiar with removing its monitor stand. Otherwise, there is a high chance of damaging your stand. 

Three components can be seen in an Asus monitor stand, just like other models of monitor stands. 

  • Connector
  • Vertical Stand
  • Base

This article will explain how to remove any Asus monitor’s stand from the monitor

Step 1: Remove the Base

asus monitor stand removal

First, place the base of the monitor securely on a hard surface. The base of your monitor can be rectangular, circular, triangular, etc. But The steps used to remove the stand do not change depending on its shape.

Next, flip the monitor over and remove the screws. You can easily do that by turning it counterclockwise. 

Step 2: Remove the Vertical stand 

Remove the back parts of the monitor then remove the vertical stand from there. For this, you have to remove the base, remove 

the two screws behind the monitor and remove the cover. 

Once it comes off you will see three screws. Remove the three screws using a screwdriver and remove the vertical stand. 

Step 3: Remove the Connector or Vertical Stand Holder 

Remove all screws on the back panel of the monitor. Then gently pull the board out. Be sure to remove all cables connecting to ports and buttons on the panel. 

Once the panel is free, remove any screws attaching to the vertical stand mount. Connect all cables and reassemble the monitor. 

How do I remove the stand from my Asus vp249qgr monitor? 

Follow the steps below to remove the stand from an ASUS VP249QGR monitor. 

  • Remove the bottom base screw with your fingers and take it out.
  • Take a screwdriver and take out the screw and remove the hinge cover. 
  • Take the stand out carefully

How do I remove a VESA-mounted Asus monitor stand? 

  • First, remove every screw. 
  • Next, release the VESA plate by pressing down on the plastic tab.
  • Remove the monitor cables
  • Lift the monitor from the VESA mount and take it out. 

Video Example of removing a VESA wall mount:

Safety Precautions 

Use the following safety precautions when removing a monitor stand.

  • Make sure the monitor is switched off and unpluged from the wall.
  • Wear an anti-static wrist strap.
  • Keep away from any batteries inside the monitor.
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  • Place the monitor on a solid surface. 
  • Place a few pieces of cloth under the screen so that the monitor’s screen does not get scratched.
  • Before removing any screws, take a reference photo of the current layout.
  • When removing the screws, first select the appropriate screwdriver type. Do not use different types and sizes of screwdrivers. 
  • Keep all the screws together. 
  • If you feel you can’t remove the stand get help from an expert.
  • Wear gloves and be patient. 

To remove the vertical stand, you will need to remove the back panel. Since this stand is mounted from the inside of the monitor, you will have to take the monitor apart. 

If the steps above couldn’t help you, try taking the monitor to an electronics repair shop or calling a technician to assist you. 

If you are doing it yourself, you can successfully remove your monitor stand by following the above steps correctly. 

Conclusion – ASUS Monitor Stand Removal

The above steps can be adapted to remove almost any monitor stand under any brand name. 

Since the orientation of the stand varies depending on the monitor you are using, the process of disassembling them may also vary. We hope that you now know how to remove any ASUS monitor stand.


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