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PC Parts

Good PC Parts are a must-have for building gaming PCs that run games well. The links below will have in-depth, detailed articles on all the gaming PC parts you will need.

CPU Processors

A CPU Processor is like the brain of a PC, It is required to have a CPU in your computer for it to function.

Fans & Accessories

Proper cooling on a gaming computer will stop the PC from overheating, and keep peak performance while playing games. Good fans should also be quiet while running.

GPU (Graphics Card)

Having a graphics card is a required part of having a gaming PC or computer. A graphics card is what renders in all the textures and particles of your games.

RAM (Memory)

RAM or random access memory is a necessary part of a gaming computer or PC. RAM stores short term data and makes things run and launch fast.


Motherboards are the connector piece of a PC build. The mother board holds all the ports on the computer and connects the CPU, GPU, RAM etc.

PC Case

A PC case is the housing of your gaming setup. cases keep the computer in a safe, cool and nice-looking environment, also known as a case.

PSU (Power Supply)

The power supply (PSU) is what powers a gaming computer. The power supply is also where you plug your PC into a wall outlet.

Sound Cards

External sound cards are not a required part of a gaming PC as they are usually built into motherboards, however some cheaper or older PCs need an external sound card.

Water Cooling & Fittings

Having a cool gaming PC is crucial for games that use lots of computer resources. Water cooling is not required on a PC but it is a nicer looking, and better-performing coolant to normal cooling fans.

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