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What Are Gaming Microphone Boom Arms

Gaming Microphone Boom Arms

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Article Summary:

  • Gaming microphone boom arms are accessories used to hold and position a microphone in front of a gamer’s mouth
  • Boom arms can be mounted on a desk or stand, and can be adjusted to the desired height and angle
  • They can improve the quality of audio recordings by positioning the microphone closer to the speaker’s mouth and reducing background noise
  • Boom arms can also reduce strain on the neck and shoulders, as they allow the microphone to be positioned closer to the mouth while sitting in a comfortable position
  • Boom arms come in a range of sizes and styles, and can be made from metal or plastic materials

Buying the right Gaming Microphone Boom Arms is not an easy deal. While you have ample choices available in the market, choosing the right one can be intimidating.

The rise in the popularity of Gaming Microphone Boom Arms is a direct result of the demand for gaming, streaming, and podcasting. This guide will make your search for the right microphone boom arm easier and help you make an informed decision. 

Mic Boom Arm

When you are dealing with small gaming spaces, you need something adjustable, easy to use and convenient for your gaming needs. That’s where Gaming Microphone Boom Arms come into the picture, eliminating your concerns and ticking all the boxes. 

Also known as a ‘scissor mic stand’, a boom arm is a piece of foldable equipment that can be easily attached to your table set up, removed when required and safely stored or transported. 

You can attach them to your gaming and recording desks with the cradle end and fold as per requirements by adjusting the hinged part in the middle. They offer a convenient stand for a microphone (such as the Hyper X Quadcast)  and help you make optimum utilization of available space. You can easily position your microphone at the desired angle and get your game on!

Why use Gaming Microphone Boom Arms?

It is easy to answer why you must invest in Gaming Microphone Boom Arm. Here are a few core reasons:

Improve Audio Quality:

Mic boom arms can improve the quality of your mic by lifting it off of a desk. This improves the quality by making keyboard and mouse clicks harder to hear, removing slightly more background noise and making the microphone easy to position.

Free Up Desk Space:

Traditional mic stands take up valuable space on a desk and can make a desk messy, or in some cases get in the way of a screen.

However, Gaming Microphone Boom Arms are easy to install, take minimum space and can be easily stored. If you happen to operate from cramped quarters, you need not worry about the breathing rooms as the boom arm saves you plenty. 

They are easy to transport 

Suppose you are operating from an alternate base. In that case, the Gaming Microphone Boom Arms can be easily transported without much effort and fear of damage. Just unclip it from your desk and move it along with you. 

They support your gaming goals

If you feel comfortable streaming or pc gaming, you will feel more relaxed and play or stream to your best potential. They are almost invisible when you work as they do not take much space and bend exactly how you need them to. 

scissor mic stand

What to look for when buying Microphone Boom Arms?

As aforesaid, the options are in the billions. You must know what to look for when buying a one for yourself. 

Material and Quality

The material of the microphone boom arm generally defines how durable the product will be. It is recommended to buy microphones that are made of a high-quality steel frame and plastic Mic Clip. The materials used on a mic boom arm can be a big decider of the quality of the product and It is also good to check the small details such as the mounting option and clamp mounting material. 


You can also get boom arms in non-foldable options, but that is not recommended unless it suits your gaming space or you cannot afford a foldable option. Make sure you buy a foldable option as it is better to use and easy to transport.


Budget is always a consideration. Make sure you buy one which suits your budgetary requirements. Usually, they are available in the price range of $50-$80.


The best Gaming Microphone Boom Arms are suitable for any gaming setup, store, family, stage, studio, broadcasting and TV station, etc. They should be high quality and last in the long term. 

Good Brands

It is always a good idea to buy from the most reputable brands when purchasing a new product. The most known brands in the gaming mic stand niche are: 

  • Rode
  • Stadium
  • Elgato
  • NZXT
  • Samson
  • Blue Compass

However, if you can’t afford the big brand price then there are almost always cheaper alternatives on websites like Amazon or eBay which can still have lots of really good reviews. 

Conclusion – Are Microphone Boom Arms Worth It?

Microphone Boom Arm

If you want to take your game room to the next level, make the quality of your mic better, and improve the functionality of your mic then we think microphone moon arms are a great option.

Make the right selection and start your hassle-free and super fun gaming experience now with the best Gaming Microphone Boom Arm.


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