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5 Elite Wall Mounted PC Cases

Best Wall Mounted PC Cases

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The PC gaming world is always evolving, and as a result, so are the available options in the market of PC casing. One example of such a shift may be seen in the shape of wall-mounted computer cases that have been specifically modified for gaming.

These days, everyone wants a top-of-the-line computer, and getting one of those is no easy task. A wall mount computer case’s height is an advantage because it keeps out undesired particles, hair, dust, and debris. The large size allows for improved airflow, securing a key significance for this highly specialized gadget in your gaming rig.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each. It’s not an easy task to set up a wall-mounted PC case correctly. It needs drilling, measuring dimensions, ensuring device compatibility, and a host of other tedious activities for a newbie. 

In order to make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible, we’ve come up with the greatest wall-mounted PC case options.

Wall Mounted PC Cases – Sizing Options

ATX motherboards are commonly used in workstations used for gaming, video editing, 3D modelling, and other CPU-intensive tasks requiring numerous RAMs. All of the cases listed to accept the largest or somewhat smaller motherboards may accommodate these boards.

These wall-mountable PC cases can also accommodate larger GPUs, such as the RTX 3090, which is supported. It’s not difficult to deduce why this is the case. There are many ports on these huge GPUs, therefore they require a lot of room for additional hardware.

Vertical GPU sets (also known as vertically mounted GPUs) are also available for purchase. The size compatibility of these wall-mountable pc cases must be checked before purchasing to avoid unnecessary problems. Let’s begin with some examples.

Thermaltake Core P3 TG White Edition

Wall mounted PC cases

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that TG stands for tempered glass. Wall-mounted PC cases that are simple and easy to use are in high demand in today’s market. A computer case is nothing more than a metal frame on which you can mount your gear; it does not contain any hardware itself. 

The Core P3’s dimensions are 512 mm in height, 333 mm in width, and 470 mm in depth. As a result of this dimension, the device weighs over 11 kilograms (about 25 pounds). This makes it a large and cumbersome model.

It is compatible with ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards, making this the perfect case for ATX gaming. The main tower has room for two 3.5” or 2.5” drives, which are safe and hidden from view. Drives can be mounted externally if this is not an option.

The idea of liquid cooling was kept in mind while constructing the case. In addition, the designers have developed a support system for radiators up to 420mm in diameter.

Another feature of this wall mounted PC case is the system has plenty of room for pumps and reservoirs. To avoid any issues when playing PC games, you might go for a cooler unit that is at least 180 millimeters high. 

Hardware integration requires a 200-millimeter-long power supply that can be installed using metal brackets and screws. A few rubber grommets can be used to pass power lines through the metal frame’s cutouts, having this wall mountable PC case a great form factor.

There’s also a place for all your cables in this case if you like cable management. Additionally, a PCI Express Riser cable is included in the system, allowing you to side-mount your graphics card. 

As a result, the cooling system and GPU fans are clearly visible. The tempered glass side panel, which is five millimeters thick, is the last touch that accentuates the overall appearance. There are three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and a high-definition audio jack for communication. Power and reset buttons may be found on the case’s front panel.


  • The drive bays can be mounted internally or externally on the system.
  • Pre-built PSU and GPU support.
  • Convenient wall mount options.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.


  • The components are visible and directly in contact with the outside environment.
  • There is nothing to trap noise or to prevent dust from entering the system.
  • Clearance CPU cooler height is limited to 180mm.

Cooler Master Masterframe 700

Wall PC Case

This wall pc case stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive “test bench” design. Open-air chassis with 16.1 by 12 by 27.6-inch dimensions is what you’ll get.

It is compatible with ATX motherboards, as well as mini ITX, micro ATX, and E-ATX. A 3.5-millimeter microphone/headphone combo jack and two USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C port, and one USB-C port are all found on the front panel. Despite the lack of external drive bays, there are four 3-1/2″ and seven 2-1/2″ internal drive bays.

A briefcase-like enclosure houses this priceless work of art. This wall-mounted system is also comprised of steel, making it a hefty but sturdy piece of equipment overall. The enclosure has two PSU covers that can be used if additional power is required.

Every detail of the design has been meticulously considered by the producers. Keep track of screws with a magnetic rubber pad imprinted with the cooler master logo.

Wall mounting is possible with VESA 100. Though it’s a difficult undertaking because of its weight. Standoffs for the motherboard must be placed following a set of rules. Hard drives can be hung from the back cover.


  • Includes glass panels that add to the beautiful design.
  • The beautiful paint finish of the case attracts many customers.
  • The quality is very well enhanced


  • The paint finish in some threads makes it tough to insert some screws
  • Very heavy which makes it very difficult to get mounted as a flat case on the wall.
  • The motherboard tray covers the back of the socket.

Thermaltake Core P5 – Wall Mountable PC Case

Thermaltake Core P5

Thermaltake’s P series has been taking the market by storm. The many components of the series are pitted against one another in a contest to identify the most effective individualized answer. Mounting them on the wall is a breeze because of the pre-installed mounting brackets. 

Mounts for the 200 x 200 VESA standard are included with the enclosure, which is translucent and has a steel base. The best aspect of the wall mounted PC case is the amount of cable management space that is provided to the end-user to maintain a neat and compact appearance.

USB 3.0 and headphone/mic connectors may be found on the front panel of this wall-mountable PC case. The item is approximately 27 pounds and measures 25.5 x 26.0 x 7.2 inches in size. In addition, you can choose how the power supply and graphics card are oriented. 

There are a few negatives to consider before purchasing this device, despite its great features.

The three-way positioning layout is a unique feature, although it does not have a protective glass layer. As a result, the components inside the casing have no protection from any harmful particles that may be lurking around your gaming area. Most importantly, it’s out of reach for the majority of gamers.


  • Different and beautiful manufactured design
  • There is an extra option for a vertical GPU mount
  • Ventilation is superb.


  • It is very difficult to assemble all the components in the case in one go.
  • The components have a lower lifespan due to the lack of protection from dust.
  • Noise and high prices might be a major issue for some gamers.

NZXT H510 Elite

NZXT H510 Elite

Among the greatest wall-mounted computer cases is the NZXT H510 Elite, a sleek and stylish case. It is the ultimate goal of these types of units to provide a cost-effective gaming setting. This hanging case, with its sturdy and long-lasting foundation, addresses the most pressing concerns of clients.

It’s a lot easier to hoist the case to the wall when you use VIVO adjustable wall mounts. As far as motherboards go, the case can accommodate micro-ATX or mini ITX motherboards.

With a high-quality chassis and a mind-boggling outer tempered glass aesthetic, this high-end PC wall-mounted case has RGB fans pre-installed. Additionally, this overcomes the issue of dust being exposed through three tempered glass panels on each side. 

This product comes in a variety of colors, but black and white are two of the most popular. The well-thought-out design has resulted in a fantastic airflow. Besides this, there are numerous fan filters, a vertical GPU mount, and removable radiator mounting brackets. The USB-C port on the front panel is used to connect to other devices.

In terms of height, depth, and width, the case measures 46 x 21 x 42.8 cm, or 18.11 x 16.85 x 8.26 inches. A 7.5 kilogram or 16.5-pound weight is made up of this. The front panel glass may be removed by unscrewing the screws on four sides, while the tempered glass on the side panels can be removed by unscrewing one thumb screw. Located behind the front glass panel, two 140mm RGB fans draw air from the bottom and side.

The air filters on these fans may be removed and cleaned with relative ease. This gaming rig can also include a 165mm CPU cooler and a 368mm GPU. The device comes with five screws and a metal bar that you may use to hide the cords.

The enclosure has a smart gadget that connects three fans and RGB lighting to each other. The SATA power and USB 2.0 header on the motherboard are both connected to a spare four-pin header on this device. Thus, the program can be used to adjust the temperature and lighting.


  • There are additional spaces and mounts for radiators and fans.
  • The drive bays section can be removed for more space.
  • Under the system, there are removable rubber feet and dust filters to keep the components long-lasting.


  • Though the design is beautiful, it is fragile too.
  • Expensive alternative to some other cases.
  • It is better to have a mesh option.

V7 RMWC6U-1N 6U Wall Mountable PC Case

RMWC6U Wall Mountable PC Case

Even though we are talking about the best wall-mounted PC cases, the V7 RMWC6U-1N 6U is a case that has features that are comparable to those of other cases. Large storage spaces and wall mounts that are already attached to the unit qualify it for inclusion in this category. 

The finished product has dimensions of 17.72 by 23.62 by 16.7 inches and a weight of around 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds) as a direct result of the production process. The matte outside of the cabinet is supplemented by mesh grilles located on the other three sides of the unit. The reversible vented doors that are located on the side are responsible for providing the necessary ventilation now. The fact that there are no fans installed in the ventilation system is the only drawback to it.

Because it comes with square holes and fully adjustable mounting rails, the cabinet makes the process of installing the components very simple and straightforward. ATX motherboards and dual-fan graphics cards have found a home in computer cases because there is not enough room for additional fans or drive bays. 

If you are a gamer, this should work perfectly for the setup that you have. It is hard to increase the component complexity since there is insufficient space in the cabinet; yet, this does not prevent it from being a popular choice for use in the home or business.

It can be made into a one-of-a-kind product by having casters added to it or having them fitted. As a result, providing it will not provide any difficulties. Eliminating the cables from the top and bottom of the cabinet will result in an improvement to its visual appeal. This cabinet that is mounted on the wall is an ideal choice for a low-cost alternative solution.


  • Cheaper than most other wall-mounted PC cases
  • Casters can be installed to roll the heavy cabinet on the floor.
  • Customizable brackets and opening chambers are also possible.


  • Ventilation is not extremely efficient. 
  • There is no space for drive bays and extra fans.
  • The mounts are not proper.

For help on how to wall mount your PC check out the video below.

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