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The Ultimate Unofficial Fortnite Guide

Unofficial Fortnite guide

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What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite has emerged as one of the world’s best competitive games in the past few years. It was released in 2017 as a co-op, zombie defense, and base-building game. The game gained popularity in no time and was liked by many gaming content creators and professional players around the globe. 

Seeing its increasing facelift in the community, the developers decided to bring some major updates which paved the way for Fortnite’s new era. One of those major ones was to add a Battle Royale mode. It came with its consequences regarding further success or failure at that time. However, this addition to the game was liked and appreciated by a lot of players. 

It made such a big impact that streamers like Tfue and Ninja started to stream this game live which originated a lot of interest in their audience. Also, streamers like Shroud, having a viewer community of around 10 million on Twitch, has claimed Fortnite to be the most competitive game. 

Fortnite is majorly known for its own Battle Royale experience. The game’s player base has crossed almost 200 million registered players. 

Fortnite is full of action and free to play. You can play Fortnite on major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. On PC it is available on Epic Game Store whereas on Android it is available on Samsung Galaxy Store or Epic Games website. Some modes of the game are also available on Mac and iOS.

Fortnite Guide

Fortnite Game Modes

Fortnite contains four game modes. The first one is the multiplayer survival aspect of the game named “Save the World”. 

This was the first match type to be introduced in the game when released in July 2017. You have to build bases and survive against zombie hordes.  You can either play this with your friends or alone. 

The second game mode is the Creative Mode of the game. This game mode is mostly for recreation, practice and fun. Players can create buildings and houses on their private islands, practice aiming, and building and other game-related skills. 

The most popular mode of the game is Battle Royale (commonly known as Fortnite Battle Royale or FNBR). In this mode, you and 99 other players are dropped on the map and have to collect resources to survive. 

A deadly border screen (known commonly as the storm barrier) starts to cover the map from all sides. If a player enters the storm zone, they will begin to lose their health gradually and die if they stay for too long. Players must build things and fight against other players to survive. 

The last one standing is the one who gets the #1 Victory Royale and wins the game. Furthermore, you can either play it alone or with your friends in squads. Your squad can be assigned randomly too. 

Party Royale mode is one of the fun game modes of Fortnite. In this mode, there is no PvP. All players including those who are mentally burdened after losing a game can relax here before going back to the competitive grounds. There are recreations and concerts and other mini-games in which players can partake.

Fortnite Gaming For PC

Best Fortnite Guides for Beginners

If you are a beginner, playing this game for the first time may confuse you due to numerous things and controls you will see popping up on your screen. The crafting, inventory system, the pop-ups that show stats of a gun, etc. 

These things are difficult to learn without someone’s guidance. Not that it’s impossible, but it will take you some time to get used to those. However, if you want to stay ahead of your friends and other competition and need to learn quickly, that’s where Fortnite Guides come into action! 

Fortnite Guides are books or videos that help you understand what the game is, how character customization works, what are the best gun combinations in the game, what items are necessities to collect in the PvP mode, how to loot chests, how to use axes for collecting items, how to collect wood and metal, etc. 

What Is Included in a Fortnite Guide?

They also provide the players with settings info like the optimal graphic settings and keybinds. It also looks into complicated things that most people ignore in the game like understanding the inventory system, how much ammo can a player carry, what are the stats of each gun and why they are important, what are VBucks and why are they important, the main purpose of skins in the game, what is battle pass and why it is needed, etc. 

The main reasons that Fortnite guides are used by players are for understanding survival strategies, locations on the map that contain the most loot, important tips and tricks like the difference between bangable and non-bangable walls, when and why to drink the energy drink, and locations from where most loot can be collected so that #1 Victory Royale can be confirmed. 

The guides also help players understand the technical terms like farming resources, wall-banging another player, The Bubble, etc. It also provides an insight into the bugs that players abuse to win games and other important features or tweaks that may help in certain aspects of the game.

The Best Fortnite Guide – Our Pick

On searching for Guides on Fortnite on the internet, you will find many guides. But beware! They aren’t like what they seem. Not all guides provide you with the proper material.  

Some guides like the Battle Royale Survival Guide written by Little Brown Books for Young Readers only provide the reader with information relating to the Battle Royale mode of the game. 

The tutorials in this guide contain colorful pictures but it does not discuss the Battle Royale in detail. Other guides like the 100% Unofficial Fortnite Pro Guide written by becker & Mayer! and The Ultimate Locker: The Visual Encyclopedia provides the reader with information related to the battle pass as well as new skins and emotes. 

This is not what most people are searching for. What people mostly want are the guides that provide detail related to the best locations for landing on the map that guarantee the best loot possible along with the strategies and way of playing during early, mid, and end games. They also want to know about the rules that they should follow to successfully get that Victory Royale. You will love getting it!

Unofficial Fortnite guide

Such information can only be provided by a person who has personally experienced these situations and has extensively researched them. At this point, we think the best guide that you can find on the internet is Fortnite: The Ultimate UNOFFICIAL Guide – Elite Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Dominate the Game written by Mark Donello. 

This guide has been written by a professional Fortnite player who uses his own experiences as well as his extensive research to provide the readers with answers to all the questions that arise in a person’s mind while playing Fortnite. 

The best part of this e-book is that the author has simplified all the complicated strategies into just a few mere, easy to understand points. For example, this essential guide will teach, the landing and looting process in the game is a highly complicated process but the author has simplified it in just 5 points. 

From learning how to build in Fortnite all the way up to advanced tips and tricks this unofficial Fortnite essential guide will teach you the amazing world of Fortnite battle royale. 

Also, it extensively talks about the early, mid, and end game scenarios and what a player’s way of playing should be in such situations. There is a total of 9 major points in the Battle Royale that if a player follows would guarantee that they are the last man standing. Such guides are quite rare to find but this guide is one of them.

Conclusion – The Ultimate Unofficial Fortnite Guide

Fortnite guides, in short, provide the player with insight into the complete game but most guides do not look into major aspects of the Battle Royale. But the guide by Mark Donello is written in such a way that players from pro-level to mere beginners can get something new to learn in the game. 

The strategies and tactics that pro players use to win games and all the information that a beginner might need to start the game are available in this e-book. This e-book provides the player base with a comfort zone that assures them that victory in Fortnite is only at arm’s length. So give this book a read next time you fire up your PC to play a game of Fortnite.

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