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Intel Vs AMD for Gaming: Which one is better?

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Article Summary:

  • Both Intel and AMD offer options for gaming CPUs
  • Intel has traditionally been better for gaming, but AMD’s Ryzen processors have closed the gap
  • The choice depends on the specific needs and budget of the gamer
  • Essential to consider compatibility with the rest of the gaming setup
  • Research and compare options before making a decision.

Intel Vs AMD for Gaming: Which one is the best?

If you’re planning to build your PC for gaming… or looking for some gaming equipment, the most important things that come to your mind are the graphics card, gaming headphones, gaming keyboard, and mouse

Some people also spend their time selecting a good-looking case for their build. Yes, all these things matter a lot –  but have you ever thought of selecting the best CPU to make gaming easy for you? In fact, selecting the best CPU is the most important decision if you’re planning to build your PC. The choice of the processor will let you know which motherboard will be suitable for your build (Intel or AMD). This will ultimately affect the performance of other components of your PC as well.

Intel VS AMD

Intel vs AMD, which one is the right choice?

The choice depends upon your requirements, but Zen 2 Processors of AMD have made this comparison an exciting one. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between these two, their specifications, prices, performance, and see what they have for you to offer.

If you’re thinking of buying a new CPU, you’ll be glad to know that the most suitable choices for you are Intel and AMD. The war-like comparison between the two has made them even more affordable and easy to use. Intel kept on winning the battle for so long but then came AMD to face it. After the release of the 1st generation Ryzen range by AMD, the gap between both brands was reduced by a considerable margin. AMD didn’t stop there; they brought the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPUs whose performance is exceptionally good at quite affordable prices. This was the first time when AMD dominated and took the lead over Intel.

AMD vs Intel in terms of Sales

As we all know, Intel has always been the first choice for gamers, therefore it has a good record in terms of sales. Intel was quite affordable and well-known for its efficient performance untill now. But with the release of Ryzen’s CPUs, the momentum started to shift towards AMD. We’ll take a look at some of the stats to see how both the companies are trending in the market.
The figures from the last 10 years have been shown in the picture below:

Intel CPUs

The graph clearly shows that AMD wasn’t that popular till 2016. However, things started to change for AMD and it made its highest quarterly revenue in the second quarter of 2018. Gamers started to look for new CPUs at the start of 2019 for which AMD couldn’t generate enough revenue.
As far as Intel’s sales during this time are concerned, they had no competitor in the market for which the sales were more than enough for them. Intel generated its highest revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2018. The 9th generation CPUs were the main cause of their sales and they may go again with the same CPUs.

amd cpus

If we compare the revenue generated by both the brands in past ten years, we’ll see Intel making much more money than AMD but currently, the preferred choice is AMD. However, Intel is still in the race and is generating almost 10 times more revenue than AMD which is truly a huge difference.

intel vs amd

Intel vs AMD: Specifications and Prices

AMD has always provided the users with affordable and user-friendly processors but with Ryzen’s entry, AMD decided to increase the prices. Zen 2 Processors of AMD have set the tone for them, making them the manufacturer of one of the most used and most demanded CPUs. The CPUs made by Intel contain a maximum of 20 cores while the ones made by AMD have more than 30 cores. Besides this, Zen 2 chips of AMD are also economical. As far as the prices are concerned, Ryzen 9 3900X is available for only $490. In comparison to this, Intel Core i9-9920X costs you $1100. The difference in prices says it all.

I9-9900K vs 3900X

We’re not done yet, Ryzen 7 3700X of AMD beats Intel Core i7-9700K. Even though Intel Core i7-9700K is considered to be the ultimate choice for gaming, the number of threads in the 3700X is double and it is more economical in terms of price than the 9700K.

I7-9700K vs 3700X

Intel vs AMD: Which One has Better Performance?

Since this article is specified for gamers, we’ll see which CPU has the best performance and what they have to offer to the users.
Intel’s Processors have a huge influence in the gaming industry, thanks to their efficient models. But Ryzen Chips made by AMD have also made it tough for Intel to continue its domination.

AMD CPUs are excellent if the workloads are high but as far as the gaming is concerned, Intel is second to none. Each game has its specific design. For example, not all modern games require good graphics. So, it isn’t all about GPU. Rather, CPU is also used in this regard. Many games these days are designed while keeping in mind the single-core performances. So, the processors having good single-core performances aren’t going to disappoint you. And for single-core performance, Ryzen Chips have done exceptionally well as compared to their counterparts and they’re now in demand for the same reason.

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So, we have got a conclusion but still a vague one. For gaming, both Intel and AMD are going side-by-side but Intel is still dominating a bit, not much. But if you think of multi-threaded performance instead of single-core performance, you’ll see Ryzen chips’ domination. So, the question of choosing the best CPU for gaming remains a mystery. But the fact that AMD offers some of the best processors at cheaper prices shouldn’t be overlooked. 

AMD provides the gamers with chips having the same speed but more cores and threads at a lower rate than Intel. So, if your budget is a bit low and you’re looking for a multitasking CPU, there is no better choice than AMD. However, Intel’s single-core performance paired with good clock speed can do wonders for you while gaming. If AMD keeps on working in the same way, it may beat Intel but time will decide which one dominates.


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