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How to Fix A Ring Light That Won’t Turn On?

how to fix a ring light that won't turn on

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Ring lights have recently started to gain popularity. Unfortunately, many of these lights also have one big problem: the ring light won’t turn on. 

This guide will help you diagnose and fix any ring light. Read on for some tips on how to fix a ring light that won’t turn on!

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Reasons a Ring Light won’t Turn On

There are a few common reasons that ring lights will not turn on, and fixing them can be quite a hassle. In this article, we’ll be discussing the seven most common causes of ring light problems and how to fix them. 

If you’re having trouble getting your ring light to work, some simple troubleshooting steps might help. 

Keep in mind that ring lights are some of the most popular photography equipment on the market, so it’s important to troubleshoot and fix issues as soon as they arise.

Common Issues

If you’re having trouble turning on your ring light, here are some of the common reasons that it may not be working: 

Light is Obstructed

Make sure there is no obstruction on the light’s lens – this can be caused by dust or hair. Check if there is any dirt or debris on the lens of the ring light unit. If so, clean it using a soft cloth or brush before replacing it. 

If your ring light is new, this should not be the issue.

Batteries are Dead

We recommended replacing any batteries before trying any of the steps below. If the batteries are new, make sure they have been installed correctly and are in good condition.

The Power Cord is Not Plugged In

Make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet and the light ring is turned on. If the issue persists, try plugging the light into a different socket or use a different cord.

Advanced Issues

Dimmer Issue

The dimmer might not be working properly – in this case, try turning the off/on switch on the lamp itself instead of using the dimmer control panel. 

The Light is Damaged

When it comes to light fixtures, safety is always a top priority. That’s why you need to be aware of the dangers associated with ring lights and take appropriate measures in case of any damage. 

Light bulbs are one common type of light fixture that can be damaged by various sources. For example, water can damage them, causing them to turn on and off erratically or even blow out entirely. 

In some cases, power surges or falls might also cause wiring issues that necessitate replacing the light bulb or repairing the wiring itself.

The Ring Light is Not Assembled Correctly 

When it comes to the Ring Light, ensuring it’s assembled correctly is of utmost importance. If you find that your light isn’t turning on, there are a few common causes that you should check out. 

First and foremost, make sure the circuit breaker is turned off before trying to fix anything as some issues may be caused by over-voltage or improper wiring. Occasionally a power supply will go out and cause the light to not turn on – in which case all you need to do is replace the power supply unit. 

However, if everything else checks out and still no luck then it might be time for repairs or even replacement of your Ring Light! If you have an older Ring Light then it might need to be replaced due to age. 

Problem with the Circuit

If you’re having trouble with your ring light turning on or working at all, there is a good chance that something is wrong with the circuit. We will be discussing some of the common solutions for this below

Loose Wires

Occasionally, one of the light’s internal wires may become loose and trip the circuit breaker. This can be a common problem with ring lights as they tend to have lots of wires.

Another potential issue is that there could be broken or dislodged wires. For your light to work properly, these should be tightly wrapped around the connector end and checked for any signs of breakage or looseness.

When it comes to electrical wiring and fixtures, there are always chances of something going wrong. That’s why having a technician around can come in handy – they will be able to identify the problem and take appropriate measures. 

If everything looks okay, unplug it and see if resetting the switch fixes the issue. 

The Fuse is Blown

If you’re experiencing problems with your ring lights, it’s important to know that they might not be working properly for a few reasons.

Another issue that may be preventing your ring light from working could be the fuse being blown (or burnt out). We’ll also point out some things you can do if you notice any irregularities with ring lights.

However, even if professional help is required, knowing how to troubleshoot these issues yourself is essential – otherwise, you might end up spending more money than necessary. 

How to Fix a Ring Light That Won’t Turn on 

how to fix a ring light

If you’re struggling to get your ring light to turn on, it may not be the light bulb. In some cases, just replacing the light bulb will do the trick. Once the cause is identified, it’s important to take appropriate steps to fix the problem. 

Some common causes of this issue include broken cables, dirty lights, or improperly aligned parts.

Here are a few initial ways to try and fix the light: try turning it off and on again, resetting the light switch, or replacing the light bulb. No matter what, don’t give up; ring light troubleshooting is an art! 

Check Your Power Source

It’s important to take care of your ring light – something that can make a difference in your photography. Here are some tips on troubleshooting the power source: 

  • Check if the cord is plugged in properly and not tangled up. 
  • Make sure that the light is switched on. 
  • Try a different circuit
  • Try a different cord
  • Sometimes a broken light can cause issues with turning on or off, so it’s best to take it to a technician for repairs. 

Check the Bulbs

If your ring light is not turning on, one solution could be to replace the lamp beads. 

If the beads aren’t seated correctly it can cause the light not to turn on at all. Once you’ve identified and fixed the problem, make sure that you test out your solution by turning on your ring light and seeing if it works properly!

Make sure you’re using the correct type of lamp beads for your ring light – otherwise, this issue might persist over time. 

If all else fails, try replacing the ring light bulb with a new one. Make sure the bulb is properly inserted into the light housing and connected to the power source.

Try a Different Outlet

If you’re experiencing issues with your ring light, you can try a few things before calling for help.

First, try resetting the switch by turning it on and off several times. 

If that doesn’t work, unplugging and replugging the cord into a different outlet on the same circuit should do the trick.

Soldering the Wires

If you’re still having trouble fixing your ring light and you’ve noticed issues with the wires, you can try soldering the wires.

You will need:

Hot melt glue, electrician’s tape, and soldering wire.

Make sure that both wires are connected to the light and that it is plugged into an outlet before starting any of these procedures. 

If after trying one of these methods the ring light still won’t turn on, then try soldering one wire at a time and testing after each one. 

Below are two video guides that show how to solder the wires on a ring light.

Check the Connections

When it comes to the wiring in your ring light, it’s important to check the connections carefully.

If everything still isn’t working after trying the above measures, contact the manufacturer or a qualified electrician for assistance. Always make sure power cords and lights are properly grounded so they don’t create any electrical hazards in your home. 

Others who have had issues with their ring light have had the following to say about changing the connection:

Try plugging it in another way. When I plugged it in for the first time using an iPhone adapter. The lights never fully illuminated. They just flickered. […] I turned on my laptop and connected the USB port into my computers USB drive, and ta da, the light works.

Make sure the port you plugged the end too is able to support that much usage. I had the same issue so I swapped out the wall port to a bigger one that gives more voltage and now it doesn’t turn off or get really hot.

Clean the Contacts

If your ring light is not turning on because of dirty contacts, it’s probably time for a cleaning. Here’s how to clean them: 

  1. Make a solution of 1-part white vinegar to 3 parts water and dip your contacts in it. 
  2. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse them off with water 
  3. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the contacts altogether. 

Replace the Old Batteries

If you’re still experiencing trouble with your ring light, it might be time to replace the batteries. This is an easy and affordable solution, especially if the problem is related to a motherboard issue or faulty wiring. 

Always make sure that your ring light is properly placed with its batteries facing the right direction so they can work optimally! 

Restart the Dimmer

why won't my ring light turn on

If you’re still having trouble getting your ring light to turn on, there may be a few things you can do. First, if everything else fails, contact customer service. If that doesn’t work and the light isn’t turning on even after following the instructions above, it’s probably time to replace the ring light. 

However, before doing so please make sure to unplug the power cord from the back of the ring light and plug it back in, this should reset it. 

Reconnect to the App

If you have a newer ring light and are having issues connecting the light to your phone app try the simple steps below:

Step 1: Turn your Bluetooth off and on again
Step 2: Turn the ring light switch off and on again
Step 3: “Forget” the device from your mobile phone
Step 4: Reconnect to the light in Bluetooth settings
Step 5: If you are still having issues scan the connection QR code on the ring light or box


If you are struggling to get a ring light to turn on, there are most common reasons why this is happening. By understanding the root causes of the problem and fixing it, you will be able to get your ring light working again! 

If you still can’t get your ring light to turn on, we recommend you contact Ring support about your issue, or replace your ring light with a new model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a ring light burn out?

Yes. Ring lights have the potential to last up to 22 years, however, they can burn out due to technical issues or improper use.

How do I turn my ring light on?

A ring light can be turned on at the wall socket or by using the ring light app on your mobile device.

Is it possible to repair or replace my ring light system? 

Yes, it is possible to repair or replace the lighting system. However, it may require some technical know-how – so if you’re not comfortable working on electronic equipment, then you may want to seek professional help. Additionally, make sure that all the wires are connected properly and that there is power flowing through them – if there is an issue with the light, this will be the first place that it’ll trip. 

How can I troubleshoot the issue if my ring light isn’t working?

Make sure that the power cables are connected to outlets, then into the camera. Next, make sure that nothing is blocking the light from coming in or out of the lens – for example, a piece of paper. Finally, check to see if there’s any dirt or debris inside the lens – take apart and clean it as necessary. 

Could something be blocking the light from reaching my ring light? 

If you’re having trouble turning on your ring light, check to see if anything is blocking the light from reaching it. You can try moving any furniture in front of the lens or trying to reset the light by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If all these measures fail to work, you may need to call a technician and have them fix it for you. 

Could there be a problem with the power supply in my studio?

It’s possible that there could be a problem with the power supply in your studio. To check, you could plug in another device and see if it works. If the ring light is not turning on, that could suggest issues linked to your power supply. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the power cord of your ring light. 

Can I fix my ring light myself if it needs repairs?

Yes, you can fix your ring light yourself if it needs repairs. However, be aware that some of the more intricate parts (like the light source) might require professional help to fix them properly. Nonetheless, DIY repair is still possible for most ring lights. 

Can you make your own rings for your lighting system using materials from around the house? 

Yes, you can make your own rings for your ring light using materials from around the house. Here’s how: 
Remove the power supply by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place. Be sure to take note of the model number and the voltage (AC or DC) rating of your light. 
If it won’t turn on, the power supply has likely gone out. In this case, you’ll need to purchase a new one and replace the old one. 
If lighting doesn’t seem to be getting enough light from the camera lens or sensor, it may be because something is obstructing the light from reaching the lens or sensor. This could be something as simple as a piece of paper or a dust particle on the lens. To fix this, you’ll need to clear the obstruction using a vacuum cleaner or a duster. 

Where can I buy new lights for my ring light and how much will they cost me? 

Believe it or not, you can buy new lights for your ring light just like anyone else. In most cases, you can find replacement light bulbs for rings and other light fixtures at a hardware store or online. The cost of buying a new light bulb for your ring light may vary depending on the make and model of your ring light. However, it will cost around $30 to purchase a new light bulb. 

What causes a ring light to stop working? 

There are a few possible reasons why a ring light might not work. Check to make sure that all the screws are tight and that there is no obstruction of light from coming in or out of the device. If it isn’t turning on, it could be due to a few reasons like defective wiring or broken bulbs. 

Is there any way to repair a broken lamp housing for my ring light? 

There is no universal or easy way to repair a broken ring light housing, unfortunately. If the light doesn’t turn on at all, you will likely have to replace the power supply as well. If the light does turn on but is severely damaged and won’t work properly, you may have to change your entire lamp housing. 


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