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4 Best Blue LED Strip Lights to Buy in 2023

Best Blue LED Light Strip

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Whether you want to renovate your room or visually enhance your desk setup, blue led strip lights are an excellent tool for you. They are inexpensive but can visually overhaul the whole ambiance of your room to give it a unique look. 

But it is important to note that not all blue led strip lights are made equal, and there are a few criteria you need to look at before deciding which blue led strip is best for you. 

So to help you simplify your search, we have compiled a list of best-selling led strips on Amazon, so you can find the one that best suits your need.

Before Buying Blue LED Strips


Because most decorative blue LED lights come in the shape of a string or strip, the length is important to consider, especially if you want to cover a large area.

While most blue LED lights have a length of roughly 15-20 feet, there are also considerably bigger versions with lengths of 35 feet, 50 feet, and even 65 feet from which to choose. So before you consider buying, make sure you know precisely the length you will be needing.


Depending on where you will use the led strip lights, you may want to check if the lights are susceptible to water damage. A waterproof RGB led strip can be used in the bathroom or in places that may get wet. So consider waterproofing before your purchase.

Number of LEDs

Whether you purchase a short or long LED light strip, it should be as bright as possible. One of the simplest methods to assess this is to look at the total number of LEDs utilized by a specific light; a larger LED count of 300 LEDs would provide significantly more brightness than 100 LEDs, especially if both LED lights are the same length.

So now you know the factors to be taken care of, here are four of the best blue led strip lights that you may consider buying.

Tasodin Blue LED Strip Lights (16.4 feet)

Blue LED Strip Lights

The first on our list is a fairly new company called Tasodin, which has gained much popularity for its affordable price and great quality led strip. The Tasodin blue LED light is one of the most affordable lighting alternatives available. 

Even at its current price, you will get a good LED strip of 16.4 feet long, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. If you choose to use this LED strip outside, you’ll appreciate how bright it is owing to the 300 LED lights that come with it. This lamp also has an IP 65 water resistance rating, allowing it to endure rain and other water damage.

So if you are looking for the most affordable waterproof RGB led strip, Tasodin Blue LED will be worth checking out. 

Everbright Blue LED Lights (1 foot)

1ft blue led light strips

Everbright Blue Led Lights is another budget option if you need something small and portable. This is a bundle of the tiniest blue LED lights available, each measuring about 1 foot in length. As a light pack, you will receive a total of four lights in the package. The total brightness output of these LED lights is still reasonably strong, though there are more expensive brighter lights on our list.

These LED lights all have an IP 67 water resistance rating, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Even though Everbright is a relatively new lighting company, it still features a 3-year warranty, making it the most trustworthy option listed here. Users can rest assured that the company will replace any internal damage within the three-year time period. 

Despite its small size, this blue LED light cannot be powered by a battery or USB; instead, it requires 12-volt electricity, which is a disappointment for many. But overall, if you just need a small waterproof RGB led strip, Everbright is a perfect solution.

JMEXSUSS Blue LED Lights (66 feet)

waterproof rgb led strip

Everbright is suitable for portable lighting, but what if you need heavy-duty large LED Lights for some important decorations? This is where JMEXSUSS Blue LED Lights comes into play. JMESXSUSS has been in the business for some time, and the company has been doing a great job creating some of the best heavy-duty blues-led strip lights in the market.

This JMEXSUSS blue LED light is the biggest blue led strip light choice available in this article. It has a total length of 66 feet, which is pretty long for most users. However, unlike other 66-foot blue LED lights, this one comes in a set of two, allowing you to cover a vast area quickly. It has a total of 200 LED bulbs on each light strip, which is fairly impressive in terms of brightness. 

The best feature of these lights is that they come with a solar panel included in the box. These panels can be used to power the lights and save on your electric bills. JMEXSUSS lights are also waterproof and come with a led strip dimmer controller. 

The only thing we miss in JMEXSUSS Blue LED lights is an official warranty. But at this affordable price, this is more of nitpicking than a drawback. 

SURNIE Blue LED Lights (50 feet)

blue led strip

Surnie is a high-end blue led strip light that features an excellent design and comes with a holt of accessories that you won’t find in any other lights. 

The Surnie blue LED light is the most powerful light strip choice on this list, which is not surprising given the steep asking price. SURNIE comes with a 50-foot length and has a total of 900 LED bulbs, ensuring that the light output is always at a maximum. 

SURNIE Blue LED Lights is also great for outdoor usage and come equipped with IP65 water-resistant classification, so you can rest assured that your link will perform in all weather condition. You also have a 1-year warranty and a predicted lifespan of over 50000 hours which translates to more than six years of continuous use. If you need premium Blue LED Lights for long-term use, SURNIE is worth checking out. 

Blue LED Strip Light FAQs

What is special about a blue LED?

The color blue has been studied to help your memory and even change your mood.

Do blue LED strip lights attract bugs?

Any light source can attract certain bugs, however, LED light strips should generally NOT attract the following bugs:
Bed Bugs

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Do LED strips waste a lot of electricity?

LED lights use significantly less energy than standard incandescent lights.

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