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Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

are membrane keyboards good for gaming

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Over the past few years, mechanical keyboards have become very popular. But some gamers still can’t understand why mechanical keyboards cost so much. If you still use a membrane keyboard, you might wonder if it helps with video games.

The answer is pretty simple. You can also do gaming well with membrane-layer keyboards. Also, accessories don’t make you a better gamer. 

Still, membrane layer keyboards don’t have a lot of features. They don’t give a satisfying video gaming experience. They don’t have any special features that can improve your gaming experience.

In this article, we’ll learn more about membrane keyboards. We will look at its structure and the good and bad things about it. And by the end of this article, you should if membrane keyboards are good for gaming or not.

What Are Membrane Layer Keyboards?

The keyboard market is made up of mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards.

Let’s find out what membrane layer keyboards are before we decide if they’re good for gaming. These keyboards replaced the first modern mechanical keyboards, which came out in 1985. Compared to the old mechanical keyboards, these are much easier to make, which has helped reduce the overall price of keyboard production.

Because they are much easier to make, membrane keyboards have become the standard choice for most modern keyboards. You can find them in schools, offices, internet cafes, and other public places. If you were born in the 2000s, these are probably the first keyboards you used.

Mechanical keyboards and membrane-layer keyboards are different in how their tricks work. 

Each vital organ is in a different part of a three-layered pressure-sensitive membrane layer. When you press a key, the keyboard sends the input based on which area is not blocked.

The term “membrane” is often used as a synonym for “normal” keyboards. In all likelihood, you own many membrane keyboards and have used hundreds in your lifetime.

Typical office, library, and classroom keyboards are like this. In addition, membrane keyboards are standard on most laptops.

Different models of membrane keyboards may look different, but they always have the same rubbery membrane underneath the keys.

Each key is placed atop a distinct pressure-sensitive layer of a membrane with three layers. Keystrokes are detected when sufficient force is applied to a key at a predefined location. In a membrane keyboard, the membrane acts as a conduit, connecting each key to the next.

Then again, each key on a mechanical keyboard is its own moving part. Each trick has a switch and a register system that are specific to it.

This simplified approach to the keyboard has made a lot of improvements over its predecessors. The most significant advantages are that it is quieter and that it saves money.

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming? The Benefits

is membrane keyboard good for gaming

Most people think that membrane keyboards are not as good as mechanical keyboards. But they have some benefits that make them great for gaming.

Here are four reasons why membrane keyboards are suitable for gaming on a PC:


Let’s look at a full-sized mechanical keyboard and a full-sized membrane-layer keyboard and see how they differ. The membrane layer keyboards are much lighter in weight.

They can easily reach their competitors with a lightweight and become a good choice for traveling.

Cost Effectiveness

Mechanical gaming keyboards can be pricey, but membrane-layer keyboards are much more affordable. This makes them an excellent option for players who want to save money.

So, for gamers on a budget, membrane layer keyboards are a much better choice than pricey mechanical keyboards.

Media Keys

A membrane keyboard is used worldwide as a standard keyboard for everyday work, casual gaming, and school. They have passwords for the media controls that make it easier to change the volume and get to more features.

This is helpful when playing games on your computer because you can use it to control the volume without interrupting your game.

Peace Keying Experience

Another good thing about membrane layer keyboards is that they are much quieter than mechanical button keyboards with clicky buttons (like the Cherry MX blue button from the Cherry MX Switch type).

A membrane-layer keyboard is an excellent choice if you like to play video games without any noise.

So, we can say that all keyboards with a membrane layer are silent. Only a few mechanical keyboards are quiet, though (direct-switch ones). The clicky buttons are the ones that make the most noise.

The Downsides of Membrane Keyboards

Even though membrane layer keyboards have some benefits, they still have many problems. The main problem with this type of keyboard is how it feels to type on.

They can’t give the same sense of satisfaction that their predecessors did. Mechanical keyboards came back because of how dull they felt.

1. You can only make a few changes.

There isn’t much you can do if you don’t like how well your membrane layer keyboard works. You can’t change the buttons to change how it feels to type, and you can’t change anything to make the keyboard sound better.

Also, you probably won’t be able to change the keycaps on your keyboard. You are mainly limited by how your keyboard looks.

2. Typing Sensibility.

Many membrane keyboards have a soft feel. Each keypress doesn’t feel fair or different compared to a mechanical keyboard. This makes it harder to type and can also slow you down.

Also, because there’s no reliable way to know if your keystrokes are being recorded or not, you might make even more typos with these keyboards. Also, the keys on many membrane-layer keyboards are not at the right height. Given how short the important journeys are, this can make inputting much more difficult.

Yes, you can get used to membrane keyboards’ actuation pressure and feel. But this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad keyboard.

3. Unknown Rollover

Because of how membrane keyboards work, you can’t push more than one key simultaneously. This is very important in games where you might need to push multiple keys simultaneously.

This isn’t possible with many membrane-layer keyboards, and it could cost you valuable games. 

In the same way, ghosting is a problem that many membrane keyboards have. This happens when the information from two or more tricks comes together and turns on a switch you didn’t press.

4. Toughness.

The toughness of membrane layer keyboards is another major problem. Overall, they don’t last as long as mechanical keyboards because they don’t have any pressed buttons. Also, if a single key breaks, it is very likely that more than one secret will also break.

Also, you can’t fix membrane keyboards quickly like mechanical keyboards. You can’t just open the keyboard and switch out the broken key. Most likely, you will have to replace the whole keyboard.

Would switching to a membrane keyboard affect my gaming experience?

membrane keyboard durability

Would switching to a membrane keyboard affect your gaming experience?

As I highlighted before, the best keyboard is the one you use. In fact, many gamers all around the globe regularly use membrane keyboards specifically for gaming purposes.

If you decide to go with a membrane layer control panel, I suggest getting a high-end one designed with gamers in mind. The abilities designed specifically for gamers will come standard on the membrane keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard, though, could be a better choice. You will never know for sure until you give it a go.

Many top-tier players and streamers choose mechanical keyboards for a good reason. You may identify these folks by spending 10 or more hours a day in front of a screen, playing video games as their main source of income.

This is why I suggest going to a sports or microelectronics shop in your area. You may try out a mechanical keyboard for yourself.

You should know a few things regarding mechanical keyboards before you start typing.

What are mechanical keyboards?

Under the keycaps of mechanical keyboard keys is a switch that activates the key. This mechanical switch operates at a predetermined setting.

There are several distinct varieties of key switches, each of which is characterized by a unique set of features:

  • The distance a key must travel before it is recognized
  • When pushed, they make a loud noise.
  • The resistance they provide to key presses

Which Types of Mechanical Keyboards Exist?

When it comes to mechanical switches, you may choose from three distinct designs. The ‘actuation point’ is a concept worth familiarizing yourself with. When a key is pressed on a computer, that’s the activation point.

Linear Switches

Smooth, steady, and low-noise operations are the hallmarks of linear switches.

This switch feels the same from the minute you push it down to the moment it bottoms out; there is no tactile feedback at all. 

A little bump is given as tactile feedback when you press a key.

It may take some time to get accustomed to the absence of tactile input at the actuation point, but once you do, you won’t be able to stop. After using a linear switch keyboard, going back to a tactile or clicky keyboard may be difficult.

When you shop for one, color is used to define the kind of linear switch used in a mechanical keyboard.

  • Red switch
  • Switch white.
  • Switch to silver-colored
  • Button, yellow
  • Black switch

There are several activation levels represented by the various hues. Additionally, linear switches are the quietest among the three types of mechanical switches. A “silent” version of linear switches is available from some manufacturers.

  • The red button
  • The button
  • The silver button
  • Press the yellow button.
  • Black button

Each color represents a different actuation point. Also, out of the 3 types of mechanical switches, straight buttons are one of the quietest. Some direct buttons also provide a ‘quiet’ version.

Clicky Switches

The name says it all: these switches click. The trick will make a loud, clicking sound when you hit the actuation factor. On clicky switches, the responsive bump is much more noticeable than on tactical switches.

Let’s say you’re using your computer in public or getting tired of being hit repeatedly. If so, you probably don’t need switches that click.

Some common types of clickable buttons are:

  • Blue button
  • Green switch

Tactile Switches

Tactile switches have a bump or other raised surface to let you know when the actuation point has been reached. When you press a key and feel a slight bump, it means that your action has been recognized by the computer.

These toggles are audible, but not as much so as clicky toggles. Tactile switches are a great way for new users to get into mechanical keyboards, which will improve your setup.

The most frequent varieties of tactile switches are:

  • Brown button
  • Clear button

The Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Create high-quality products.

Most mechanical keyboards are made from higher-quality parts. Even though they are usually much heavier, they stay in one place without moving.

2. Longevity

How is a membrane keyboard’s durability different from a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards last much longer than membrane-layer keyboards. Most mechanical buttons are tested to last between 30 and 100 million clicks. Keyboards with a membrane layer usually last for about 5 million keystrokes.

3. Feedback

A mechanical keyboard gives you a more authentic feeling when you use the keys. Customers usually have a much better time typing or playing games.

4. Customizability

You can take off the keycaps on many mechanical keyboards and replace them with new ones.

Negative Aspects of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Price

Mechanical keyboards can cost much more than $100, especially high-end ones. This can make it hard for the average person to buy one.

2. Sound

Even though mechanical keyboards tend to be louder than membrane keyboards, there are ways to make them quieter.

Can You Use a Membrane Layer Keyboard for Gaming?

Even though membrane layer keyboards have many problems, they are still helpful for video gaming. Many famous players used these keyboards before they started playing professionally. Also, many high-level gamers who go to web cafes probably use membrane-layer keyboards.

So if you have to use a membrane keyboard right now, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Even though it’s not perfect, it gets the job done.

But if you have the money to buy a mechanical keyboard, we think you should go all out. It is better than membrane-layer keyboards and will make typing or playing PC games more fun.

How difficult is it to switch to the mechanical versions of keyboards?

Becoming acclimated to a mechanical keyboard may take anything from a day to a month. Humans are capable of rapid acquisition of muscle memory. Trying out a different keyboard layout won’t cause any problems, so don’t be concerned.

How Important Are Keyboards in Video Games?

Do Keyboards Serve a Useful Purpose in Games? The keyboard is one of the most underrated yet crucial pieces of gaming hardware, alongside the monitor and the mouse. A nice keyboard won’t instantly make you better at your craft, but it will improve your experience and make it more pleasant.


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